• Deer Hunters stands must be in place / secured / lanes cut and trails cleared up by Sept 1
  • Duck Hunters blind construction has to be done by Sept 1 - blinds can still be brushed out until Sept 17 but only during rifle range hrs and only using hand or battery operated tools.Youth hunting is allowed for both deer and waterfowl
  • Youth shotgun deer - Oct 10-12
  • Youth waterfowl Oct 10-11
Constructing the New Doc
Hal Houser, Matt Seidelman & Steve Weiss (names in alphabetical order) continue working on finishing up the new doc. It is almost completed but is ready to be used.
General Meetings
Please bring your mask and a lawn chair. Place your chair a minimum of 6 ft. from other members in the Skeet and Trap area. We want to avoid crowding under the pavilion. Please respect other member's health concerns. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate.
 Future meeting dates in 2020;
July 26  at the club
August 30  at the club 
September 27 at the club
October 25 at Yorkville American Legion (if indoor meetings are permitted)
November 15  at Yorkville American Legion (if indoor meetings are permitted)
December 13  at Yorkville American Legion (if indoor meetings are permitted)
Rifle/Gun & Archery Range

Ron Hilger is the new Rifle Range Chairman. Ron and his committee have rebuilt all the backstops. A new Groot dumpster is located at the range. This replaced the barrels.

Range Hours will be one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset. These hours will be in effect until October 1, 2020.
Please make sure that you are complying with the Rifle Range Rules. We see several signs that members and or guest are ignoring the rules.
There are targets on top of the back stops, people are shooting shotguns at the back stops for more than sighting in, used targets are not removed and brass is left on the ground. We must always make sure that no projectile leaves the range.
This includes muzzle rise when rapid firing and shooting from the hip.
We cannot let ignorance and carelessness, by a few people, cause us to loose our range.

Remaining 3-D Shoots; August 15, Sept.19. Starting time for all events is 8 A.M.
Please do not shoot broad heads into the targets. Remove the covers before shooting.

boatsOnly boats that are kept at the club will require B-G numbers. Boat number stickers can be purchased at your local hardware store.  They are the white two inch number stickers you would normally see on mailboxes or used for some homeowners for their home address. Please keep the area where your boat is stored cleared of all brush and tall weeds. This must be completed by September 1, 2020.
Sticker Placement
With the boat in the upside down possition, the sticker is to be placed on the left stern area.  You will probably see examples at the club of boats that already have their stickers applied.
Before Application of Sticker 
  • Make sure you clean the area where the number will go
  • Make sure it is at least 50 degrees out or above before application

If you have any questions, please call John Schmidt (click on his name for link to committee member's phone #) one of our BG Directors & Boat Committee member.


To the club member or members ( yes it is a member ) who has been throwing out fish remains next to the sign in box, would you please find another location. 

The smell is not very friendly -Thank You

Do not let others drive through the gate when you are going in or out of the club unless they have a  current membership card. This includes the Twin Ponds club. Their members are aware of this policy so they shouldn't be offended. The original trespassing offenders were given a Trespass Warning letter a few of months ago but some of their associates might try to gain access.

Alternative for the BG Bumper Sticker

The Board is offering a placard, to be placed on the rear view mirror, when at the club. The charge will be $3.00 to cover the cost of printing. The placard will be numbered and assigned to each member when purchased. You may purchase a placard at any meeting or send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your $3.00 payment to;

Barber Greene Hunting and Fishing Club:
P. O. Box 189
Oswego IL. 60543